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It is the best nozzle to choose the nozzle that suits the needs of your application.

A lot of customers who have purchased UV printers have been comparing and comparing for a long time. After starting to choose to buy UV printers, the most important thing is not the printing format of the machine, but the choice of UV printer on the nozzle. I believe, ask. Some say that Ricoh is good, some say that Toshiba is good, some say that Epson is good, etc. After being brainwashed by many different concepts, the concept of sprinklers is becoming more and more blurred. In fact, the author believes that from the perspective of the professional from the perspective of the customer, it is the best for the customer's production needs.

1, first need to understand the customer to buy a UV printer to consider which points are more important, such as speed or relief feel or accuracy or cost. .

2, secondly, we need to understand the daily production volume of the customer according to the customer's output, such as customizing or processing the color printing factory or doing LOGO printing on their own products.

3, depends on how much the customer plans to invest, for example, the customer probably plans how much the project is in.

OK, with the above points, we have sufficient budget for the embossed feel according to the customer's comprehensive needs, such as speed. Then we definitely recommend the Ricoh nozzle machine. If the pursuit of speed is more accurate, the output will also have certain requirements. The most important thing is to pay special attention to it. The cost of the nozzle, the Toshiba nozzle UV printer is the best choice for customers. If you want to try this process first, the production requirements are not big, mainly the effect and cost. Then Epson nozzle UV printer is recommended to customers. With the stability of the market, the three nozzle machines are now very stable, mainly depending on the demand.

If blindly, regardless of the type of demand, the customer is recommended to the customer from the expensive to the small to the cheap, which will lose a lot of customers who really need the UV printer. This is also the author's opinion on the needs of his clients. If there is a better solution, please contact Shenzhen Aosen Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. Give you the right UV printing solution.
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