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Coated direct injection process, signs, medals, UV printers, sand silver medals, wooden pallet medals, bronze medals, titanium gold medals and other effects

Introduction content 1. Company profile

Dayou Smart Sand Gold Medal UV Printer Manufacturer is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen. It is a professional R&D and manufacturer of sign printers. It is committed to solving the problem of sign printing for the advertising industry. In 2018, it took the lead in developing the first generation of Sand Gold UV printers. After practice, it put into the market, UVized the medal sand gold, solved the backward problem of gold foil paper medals, brought the medal industry market into the sand gold era, subverted the medal industry, and won the market for the first batch of customers who eat crabs.
After that, we worked hard to innovate. In the postgraduate entrance examination market and customer research, we found short handles in the advertising industry. We found that in the production of metal signs, the internal price of the industry is high and the process is complicated. The only processes used are corrosion, silk screen, baking varnish, etc. Craft. In terms of efficiency, beauty, and price, it is difficult to meet the current market needs. In terms of printing, metal signs are covered with a "shadow" of "coating", and they are abandoned by customers in terms of time durability.
In 2019, we increased our research and development efforts. At the beginning of 2020, we successfully developed and mass-produced a new generation of signage UV printers. The new generation models caused turbulence in the signage industry across the country. The new models integrated a set of metal printing. No need to wipe the coating solution, combined with the advantages of its own original sand gold, for the customer to win a series of processing markets such as medals, trophies, and various signs, so that the printing firmness can be achieved with 100 grids, weather resistance, and salt spray durability. And it meets the requirements of environmental protection, and strives to truly substitute the sign industry into the printing era!
Introduction content 2: 9060UV printer introduction
1. Machine model
 This model is a 90*60 flatbed UV printer with four nozzles, namely color, white, varnish, and coating nozzles
2. Model function
 On the basis of Shajin UV printing, this model has added a wipe-free coating, which has achieved the required firmness on various non-UV materials.
3. Different from other general UV machines
  General UV printers must be UV exclusive materials. In all types of signs, all materials, thickness, surface impurities, and UV relative to the material must be rubbed with the corresponding "firm coating". Our models are in addition to each material Under the premise of firm printing, it can also achieve exclusive special effects such as sand gold, wire drawing, and pile gold on each metal material, and achieve a firm effect.
4. Machine efficiency
  The company integrates a set of processing solutions, one machine can produce more than 120 pieces of sand gold medals, one hundred pieces of 40/60 stainless steel/bronze medals, and more than one thousand pieces of various signs. It also reduces labor to a minimum and is completely operated by one person.
Introduction 3 The concept of wipe-free coating
Since the inception of UV printing, we have faced a series of problems. Not all materials absorb UV ink. A series of advertising materials came into being to cater to UV printers, and extended a series of "coatings", but they are durable and beautiful. It is still difficult to meet the needs of customers, which has caused the embarrassing situation of the sign industry cannot be printed.
Our wipe-free coating UV printer is the first model created this year and our first model. It prints on some non-UV materials such as stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, glass, etc., without peeling, color fading, peeling, etc. It has also achieved that all the words that can be seen by the naked eye can be printed clearly, which maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the cost, and is committed to bringing advertising signs into the era of printing.
  The printed results have been tested for more than 48 hours (equivalent to outdoor exposure for 3 years) by 100 grids and ultraviolet weather resistance, and artificially accelerated simulated salt spray experiments.

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