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AS-1610uv printer

  • DY-1212 CE4
  • DY-1212 CE4
  • DY-1212 CE4
DY-1212 CE4DY-1212 CE4DY-1212 CE4

DY-1212 CE4

  • Print format: 1200 * 1200MM
  • Sprinkler: Toshiba CE4
  • Color combination: CMYK + WW / CMYK + W Varnish
  • Use of materials: glass, tiles, wood, mobile phone shell, fiberboard and so on
  • Product description: Shenzhen Austrian excellent technology is a professional production of Toshiba Ricoh nozzle UV flatbed printer manufacturers, small format 1610UV flatbed printer for a variety of mobile phone shell cr

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